Is that a Jackhammer in the Barn?

I bet when you stand around or go to sleep, you do so on a surface that is level and comfortable.  Imagine if you tried to stand for a long time or sleep on a surface that is slanted!!!

Over the years the mats in our stalls have shifted and are no longer level.  We have begun to remove over 160 mats and yesterday our brand new jackhammer arrived…  that’s right – a jackhammer!!  In several of the stalls the base material is so compacted it’s like concrete.  We will use the jackhammer to break up the base material, and then redistribute material with a rake to make it level.  Then we’ll compact it with a gas-powered tamper. Then we will move the 160 mats back into the stalls.  Oh yeah – we’ll also clean all those mats before re-laying them,  making for happy ? ?

I promised to talk about the improvements we will be making in the rings.  As you may know, we have 2 indoor riding rings – one of which is heated.  Both have overhead sprinklers to control dust.  We will soon completely re-build the footing base in both rings and install new GGT material (see for more info).  The heated indoor ring will be renovated with the GGT dressage mix.  Ring #2 will be renovated with the GGT Hunter/Jumper mix.  Here is some info on Shawn who will be doing the ring renovation work:

This investment is sure to provide our customers with a great riding / training experience!

Next week we’ll talk technology, specifically wifi and the capability to watch your horse 24×7…


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