How is an Equestrian Center like a Restaurant?

In the restaurant business, soft openings are pretty much standard practice.  Instead of opening their doors on day one and trying to serve everyone coming through the doors at a high level of quality and overall customer experience, the restaurant starts to bring on business through word of mouth.  This allows a lot of the rough edges to be smoothed over.

As we have brought portions of the facility to a state of readiness, we have begun to have a soft opening.  We are not ready for 45 horses, but we are boarding 7 and they all seem to be very happy!!!

The heated ring refurbishment was complete on Thursday and folks were riding on it Friday.  On Sunday we had lessons taking place on the second ring which was completed late Saturday night.  The first thing one notices is how little noise a horse makes on the new material.  The second is how little dust is generated.  All in all, this was a significant improvement and one that our customers and their horses will enjoy no matter the discipline.

We have launched the Facilities page ( and are starting to talk with folks about having their horses start to board & train at Cavallo.  We plan to sequence new horses coming on to the property over the coming months, allowing us to continue to make the necessary improvements, staying one step ahead of the new horses and riders.

We have therefore expanded the CONTACT US form accessible on the web site ( enabling you to both message us and provide us more detailed information about your interest in boarding and training.  We will contact you to discuss your interests, timeframe and needs soon after we receive the CONTACT US form.



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