50 Shades of Hay

While hay may not come in 50 shades, it is nevertheless one of the more important factors we take into consideration in the day-to-day operation of the property. We suspect it is also high on your list and if your horse could communicate, even higher on their list!

In all things, not just hay, we are committed to using local vendors and suppliers whenever we can. We are not against Amazon, and we get plenty of Amazon boxes delivered every day. However, we feel a responsibility to the local community and to partner and do business with folks like us. Starting in this blog, we will showcase some of the folks behind the scenes that have helped Cavallo get up & running, our supplier partners and those that work at Cavallo.

Okay… now back to hay… from our own experience and that of our local network of trainers and horse people, we have found that a Timothy hay blend works best for our climate. Hay is tested by grain suppliers on an annual basis, who then provide us with the forage quality. This guides the amount and type of grain supplement to feed.

And now, some recognition for Danny Pickard – right up the road in Littleton. Danny has been a great partner sharing advice, insight and loaning us equipment. With multiple projects underway at the same time, having 2 tractors and 2 jackhammers has helped immensely. From firewood, excavation, land services and cow manure for your garden – stop by and talk with Danny…     www.pickardfarm.com

This past weekend we had our first opportunity to become a horse hotel! Several folks from Vermont were in the neighborhood for a hunt on Sunday and looking for a place they could board overnight. We hustled to accommodate these folks, and on Saturday afternoon our guests arrived. Like most hotel guests they left quietly early on Sunday morning after breakfast.

With the renovation and upgrading of one section of the barn complete, we moved our boarders to that section – level mats, power-washed stalls, stall boxes painted and re-hung, etc. We will next upgrade the stall lighting and do a few more things in this section before we call it 100% complete. We have already begun doing the same refurbishment in the next section of the barn.

Thanks to those of you who have called me or filled out the contact form on our web site. I have done several 1-1 and group tours allowing many of you to see the facility and envision our plans. Our “to do” list is organized by season so we can plan work according to the weather and the list is currently 12-15 months long 🙂


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