Cavallo custom embroidered clothing in partnership with

Here’s How to Get Your Clothing…

1. Explore the many choices from Mens, Womens, Children or the Accessory categories

2. Select an item – size, color & quantity

3. Select the location where you want the Cavallo logo embroidered on your selected item

4. Select the Cavallo logo embroidery color

5. Place the item in your cart

6. Continue shopping or proceed to Checkout

7. TELL US WHAT BARN YOU RIDE FOR à Select Cavallo Equestrian Center

8. Complete the checkout process and in 1-2 weeks you’ll receive your shipment!!!

NOTE: On the website, look under the Client Logos tab. Scroll down to the Cavallo logo. We designed this version of the Cavallo logo to be simple for embroidery. It contains 3 colors; green (Cavallo), brown (horse/rider & horizontal line) and black (EQUESTRIAN CENTER).

TIP: When choosing the embroidery color (#4 above) the “Full Color” selection will get you the 3 color logo described under above (green, brown & black). If you select “Black” or “White” for the logo embroidery color, that will change all 3 colors to an “all black” or “all white” logo.