Establishing a Horse Community, Cavallo in the News & Cavallo Apparel

In the last blog, I alluded to a December project I would talk about… our plan was to erect a storage building to house a number of things one would prefer to not get buried in the snow 🙂  However, the recent snowfall has made that simply too difficult. So, we’ll add this project to the summer list and make do for the next few months.

With the holidays fast approaching, this will be the last blog of 2017 and as such there is a lot to cover…

First, we have been and continue to receive a variety of different requests from folks interested in learning more about Cavallo. Some are interested in boarding horses without a commitment to take lessons. Others want to trailer a horse in and rent time in one of the indoor rings. We have even gotten inquiries about a beginner rider’s program. Parents report that their children have expressed an interest in not just riding horses, but learning about horses. We have also heard from parents who want to teach their children responsibility and see an involvement with horses as beneficial to achieve that. Either way, we have heard a lot of interesting ideas on what such a program should feature. We are considering these inquiries and others we have received in support of our mission, which is to build a vibrant horse community.  I therefore encourage those of you with such questions/suggestions to continue to fill out the CONTACT US form at and I’ll get back to you to discuss.

Cavallo Equestrian Center was recently featured in the local Westford CAT News. In case you missed it – check it out…

Finally, for those of you still looking for a unique gift, you can now get clothing and horse apparel embroidered with the Cavallo logo! You can choose from a wide variety of merchandise, decide where you would like the Cavallo logo placed, go through the checkout process and in approximately 2 weeks – you’ll have your merchandise!

This was made possible by working with our friends at – a small business like us with a unique approach to high-quality custom embroidered merchandise.

Go directly to Cavallo Apparel where we have provided some additional information about the ordering process and logo color selection.

Here is a sample of the Cavallo logo on a few articles of clothing:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! I’ll return to this forum in early January 2018…


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  1. Hi! I was wondering if you guys were looking for an hunter rider/ trainer? I would love to send you my resume!

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