Open for Business !!!!!!

Last week, I began to recognize and thank those who have helped Cavallo renovate, re-furbish and otherwise prepare to officially open as a business. It has been about 9 short weeks since we assumed ownership of the property, and hopefully the blogs I have written have provided you with a glimpse into the work that has gone on.

This week I will recognize and thank a full-time member of our team… Linda has brought wisdom and perspective that has helped us shape the positive environment for both the horses and their owners in far more ways than I can mention. But first…

I am pleased to announce that we are now OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!!! The soft opening I blogged about several weeks ago, has helped us shake out a few things and establish our suppliers and daily / weekly routines. We have more than 10 horses with us and more on the way. We have even given a lesson to our youngest customer – a 4 year old!!!

I’d like to introduce you to Linda. For as long as Linda can remember she has been a lover of horses. To prove it, she has a picture of herself on a horse named Chocolate when she was a toddler! While Linda’s family were unable to afford to get her a horse of her own, she wrote about being a horse riding teacher in kindergarten.

Proving to be resourceful, Linda did the next best thing – she got to know everyone in her small rural town who owned a horse. Even more important, she listened to everyone and learned from anyone willing to teach her.

Linda then got a bit preoccupied. She got married (36 years ago) and raised three children.

However, 20 years after writing that kindergarten essay, she received her riding instructors license. She started teaching as part of a therapeutic program. She has been teaching young, old, able bodied and those with physical challenges ever since.

Linda has helped troubled horses overcome both physical and mental challenges. She believes a horse’s living environment and daily care are important factors to get the best out of a horse, be it a casual ride or a competition.  Linda prescribes to a holistic slanted training method.

This translates directly to Linda’s love of barn management. She enjoys having a say in the daily care of the horses by helping with the property management, which at the end of the day is the environment where the horses live.  Unless all their needs are met physically and emotionally during the 23 hours they are not under saddle, they will not be able to perform to the best of their abilities for their riders.

Linda’s experience and knowledge have been invaluable as the property has been brought back to life. She remains excited to be part of the team and has remarked about the positive energy one gets from just “hanging around” at Cavallo.  Of course, she is a big part of helping to create and maintain that environment!  Linda claims she has never thought…  “what have I gotten myself into?”, but I bet when she was pulling those 80lb stall mats around, that thought crossed her mind 🙂

On a daily basis, Linda is so tuned into the horses that she claims to have daily conversations with them. She reports that the horses are quite thankful for the environment we have sought to create and maintain.

The staff at Cavallo and especially the horses are grateful to Linda!


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