Ashley Woodford

Ashley Woodford’s 20 plus years as a trainer and as a competitor began at the age of nine, when she started riding her neighbor’s endurance horses. In Junior High, she began riding and competing in dressage working with USDF Silver medalist, Rachel Markels Webber. Rachel introduced her to some of the many aspects of the dressage industry and provided her with the opportunity to ride well trained school horses. During that time, she also discovered vaulting and competed as a vaulter and dressage rider simultaneously. Later in college she was able to continue her dressage training with USDF Gold Medalist Joy Congdon. Studying Animal Science with an equine concentration at the University of Vermont helped cement her love of horses into a career. Her real passion for teaching came when working and later running a youth lesson program where she could share her experiences. She emphasizes knowing the whole horse and that communication between horse and rider starts on the ground with grooming and care which transitions to under saddle work. From her eclectic background, Ashley is able to bring a focus on the importance of a balanced seat and correct position that can be transferred to any discipline. She is a gifted and passionate teacher who is committed to all of her students no matter their level of experience.

Lauren Stevens

Lauren is a well known local Hunter/ Jumper/ Equitation trainer who has spent the majority of her career horse showing up and down the east coast. She has qualified countless students for the Big Equitation finals as well as many Pony, Junior and Amateur hunters for the Indoor Horse Shows in the fall. Lauren more recently took a few years and traveled out west to experience and gain perspective at the horse shows in CO, AZ and CA. Working with the best of the west she enjoyed riding, showing, training and the change of scenery!

Lauren comes back to New England with a fresh mind and eye and is excited to share her expertise. Lauren and daughter Lindsey deMont have teamed up to share the training. Lindsey had a long and successful Junior career and has been riding Professionally for 8 years. We are more than confident we can fulfill all your riding goals locally, nationally or simply at home.

Rachel Markels Webber

is A Bronze and Silver medalist, a USDF L Graduate and a FEI Chief International Steward. She is a veteran vaulting coach and a specialist in the European Art of lunge lessons. Her education in classical dressage centers around 25 years of study with Kathy Connelly and Joy Congdon. At Cavallo Equestrian Center, Rachel provides correct classical dressage training for the horse and rider in a relaxed and positive atmosphere. Her training philosophy aims to establish the true harmony that flows from a willing happy partnership between horse and rider. For more information about Rachel be sure to visit her website at