When Opposites Attract

In the spirit that it takes more than “horse people” to run a horse business, this week we feature two people who have been instrumental in the “ying & yang” of Cavallo. You can think of this as “high tech” meets “horse people”…

Lauren and her daughter Lindsey have been around horses for most of their respective lives. They close their eyes at night visualizing horses going over jumps and wake up in the morning to those very same images. While Pete goes to sleep each night as well, horses are the furthest thing on his mind. Rather Pete is a technical problem solver who dreams about technology. So, let’s meet these folks who on the surface have what would seem to be little in common, but have been brought together working to establish the infrastructure (to benefit the horses and their owners) at Cavallo.

As a High-Tech industry veteran, Pete has leadership and expertise in delivering innovative network-based solutions for Broadcasters and Professional /College Sports Teams.

In addition to his leadership role at Catapult Sports, Pete heads up Network System Solutions (NSS) LLC that provides a complete set of Network, Security, IoT (Internet of Things) and Troubleshooting Services for small businesses and home owners.

As a versatile engineer with a wide range of skills you may also see Pete at Cavallo assisting the team with any number of projects and initiatives to improve the Cavallo infrastructure and customer experience. This list includes replacing a hot water heater, getting a heater in the Viewing Room to blow warm air, calculating the electrical specifications of our (soon to arrive) generator and conducting experiments to replace current lighting with LED technology. Pete yearns to bring an Alexa to the barn so the horses can order takeout Chinese food, but Lauren has drawn the line.

Pete is an avid sailor who can be found in the middle of Boston harbor Frostbite Racing on J24s all winter. He lives nearby in Acton with his wife Sue.

To learn more about Pete’s business, check out www.NetworkisUp.com


Lauren Stevens is our Hunter/Jumper trainer. She and I have been “behind the scenes” working together long before we closed on the property.  Lauren has spent many hours helping us shape the operating principles of the business, as she has been a part of many such horse properties over her career.  Tapping into her experience and getting her insight and opinion has been invaluable.  Before we had horses on the property,  Lauren rolled up her sleeves and provided much needed elbow grease helping to bring the property back to life.

Prior to her association with Cavallo, Lauren and her daughter Lindsey deMont established their Hunter/Jumper business known to many of you as Stepping Out Farm. Since the 1970’s Stepping Out Farm, under Lauren’s leadership and watchful eye, has been training aspiring riders to compete at a local and national level.  At Cavallo Lauren and Lindsey continue that tradition.

An involvement with horses has been in Lauren’s family going back at least one generation – Lauren’s mother Barbara Stevens was the original owner of the Horseman’s Exchange in Littleton MA. Prior to that, Barbara was an icon in the 70’s and 80’s serving the needs of equestrians right out of the family’s home in Wayland MA.

To learn more about Stepping Out Farm, check out www.steppingoutfarm.com

So, there you have it – two very different people each instrumental in the success of what is today known as Cavallo Equestrian Center. As new people join the Cavallo team, I’ll introduce them in this forum.

Next week I’ll talk about a major project we have coming up in December. While it has been very warm so far, most sane person would not schedule this project for December in New England! Check back next week when I talk about what we have up our sleeve next…


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